Reducing Our Footprint

Michael Franti and Sixthman are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. This year we are partnering with the Environmental Bamboo Foundation for Soulshine at Sea’s second voyage. Money raised throughout your vacation will go toward the foundation's important work promoting forestry production towards bamboo to help reduce deforestation while encouraging biodiversity.

The Environmental Bamboo Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit organization that promotes bamboo as a sustainable alternative to timber, amidst the growing concerns over the world’s diminishing tropical forest resources. Bamboo agroforestry is a strategic resource for climate change mitigation. Every 100 acres of bamboo forest can absorb 50 tons of carbon dioxide every year. In contrast, a typical bamboo clump acts as a 5,000-litre water holding tank on the topsoil, healing watersheds, and mitigating the risk of flooding while serving as a natural windbreak during storms.

A portion of the cost of your vacation will automatically be contributed to our fundraising efforts as well as any additional donation you choose to make during booking or while on board. 

To learn more about their incredible work, check out their website at