Slip & Slide Flip Cup with Tropidelic

We’ve combined everyone’s favorite drinking game with a cherished childhood summer activity to create the ultimate sudsy, boozy, slippery competition!

Here’s how it will work

  • 32 teams of six will compete in traditional games of flip cup (sans slip n’ slide) to narrow down the playing field to four semi-finalist teams.
  • The semi-finalist teams will go head-to-head on the slip n’ slides. All semi-finalist team members will start at the top of two slip n’ slides. The first teammate of each team will slide down to the flip cup table using a pool float. They’ll chug what’s in the cup and flip until the cup lands correctly. Once the first teammate successfully flips their cup, they will grab their float and run to the top of the slip n’ slide to tag in their next teammate to repeat the process.
  • The two winning teams that successfully flip all of their cups first, will move on to the final round, where they’ll repeat another round of slip n’ slide flip cup.
  • The final round will determine which team will get to compete against Tropidelic in one last, celebratory round of flip cup.


How to sign-up

Fill out the form below to sign up. All fields are required. You must sign up with a full team of six and will need each teammate's Sixthman Username. Each teammate will receive an email confirming your team has signed up. Don't have a full team? Try heading to the official Facebook Group to fill your empty spots!

There is a maximum of 32 teams, so sign up now!