We have pulled together an all-star lineup of wellness professionals who are not only highly respected experts in their fields but also know the power of music and FUN! These teachers, coaches, and instructors know how to craft accessible yet soul-stirring experiences that stoke your heart fire and ignite a deeper commitment to your whole health.

Gina Caputo

Yoga & Wellness

Most Franti fans are no stranger to Gina’s accessible yoga classes as she’s been collaborating with the Frantis for 15 years now! She’s a seasoned Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Health Coach who brings a dose of light-heartedness to everything she touches, especially her dynamic and playful flow yoga classes on board! Be ready to rock and have your face hurt from smiling – all levels are welcome and encouraged!

Colleen Schell

FABx Storytelling Workshops

FABx sessions return to Soulshine at Sea! Colleen Schell is a Lifestyle Coach whose storytelling workshop on board will support you in tapping into the brilliance and genius of your story. She founded FABx - The Fabulous and Extraordinary Stories of Life and brings her evocative skills to help you claim your power, glean wisdom from your story, and learn the superpower of storytelling!